Unwanted hair has always been a number one problem. You will agree with us that delicate skin with no hair looks much more attractive!

The sugar wax formula is more than 2000 years old and it changed the hygiene habits of women all around the world. The ideal combination of sugar and different herbs has enabled sugar wax method to win prestigious international awards and certificates.

Sugar paste is made from 100 % natural ingredients with no chemicals or additives unlike regular wax, where the majority contain some additions that can cause skin irritation or even allergies on clients with sensitive skin! Most clients see an improvement immediately after the first or second treatment such as the reduction of body hair and even skin condition improvement.

Sugar waxing is currently the most sought after method of hair removal. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin, precisely because there is no occurrence of varicose veins and red spots caused by conventional hair removal. Furthermore, sugar waxing is less painful than regular waxing. It removes all hair, even only 2 mm long!

The sugar paste used for this waxing procedure is made only with natural ingredients which do not cause allergic reactions or skin redness.

Applying the paste in the opposite direction of hair growth and removal in the direction of the growth in this waxing technique prevents ingrown hair, inflammation and redness.

Hair treated in this way grows slower and thinner and the skin stays smooth even for 4 to 6 weeks. Eventually, the hair follicle and its root completely weaken, resulting in permanent hair loss. This method is remarkable because it takes up to 90% of the unwanted hair with the root, while the classic waxing method takes only 50%. Since sugar is an excellent natural preservative, it works like hypoallergenic on sensitive skin.

All sugar waxing products are for professional use and contain an ENZYME called PAPAIN proven to slow down the growth of hair. Come and see our expertise!!!