Rádiofrekvenčné ošetrenie pleti a tela

The most effective method of non-surgical face and body lifting. RF is a state of the art in the application of multipolar radio frequency for skin rejuvenation

Lifting – Under the influence of external factors and in the course of aging, collagen damage and reduction of its production occurs, which causes sagging of the skin and wrinkles. The only way to slow down or stop this process is to increase the production of collagen and strengthen the existing collagen fibers. This is accomplished through our treatments that stimulate the division of stem cells, activate skin metabolism and stimulate stem cells to rapidly regenerate and produce new collagen.

The treatment is intended for all those who want to tighten and strengthen the skin. The German technology RF light has revolutionized the non-surgical facelift. In an hour, your skin becomes firmer, fine wrinkles invisible, deeper wrinkles reduced. Radio waves heat the middle layer of the skin where collagen and elastin are stacked. A warm-up to the skin reacts by starting the recovery process of the elastic fibers. In most cases, immediately after treatment patients see the effect in the form of mild tension on the skin. After completion of the treatment, skin becomes fresher, softer, smoother to the touch, more elastic and firm.