Laser hair removal / laser diode /
Absolutely painless depilation

Diode laser of 808 nm is one of the most modern lasers for permanent hair removal. In 2006. American Association FDA recognized this laser for permanent hair removal alongside Alexandrite laser and NdYag laser (IPL and SHR systems are not recognized by the FDA).

This almost painless laser can treat all skin types and all types of hair (even very thin hairs are removed by the application of high energy up to 160J/cm2).

Diode lasers that are used are made by German company DILAS, most precise German technology. Therefore, the thermal energy of the air is about 5-10 times stronger than the energy used quartz lamps from 808nm used in SHR systems.

In addition to this, the laser itself has the ability to raise the energy up to 160J/cm2, which is much more than 50J /cm2 with the common SHR systems. The results of this laser treatment are 80 % more hair removed during 4 to 6 treatments, while SHR system achieves these results during 8 to 12 treatments.

We proudly guarantee you success and sustainability of epilation even on very light and bright hair. The great advantage of the diode laser when compared with the IPL, SHR and ELOS technology is the fact that the hair is permanently removed. Another advantage is the possibility to extend the pulse duration from 5 to 400ms and increase energy to 160J/cm2 to remove quite persistent, thin or very light hair. SHR system removes hair at the same speed as the diode laser, but because of the low thermal effect of the xenon lamps and less power the hair is restored after a year.

That delicate skin with no hair looks so much more attractive, the whole world agreed a long time ago. Body hair removal is now considered a hygiene not in aesthetic treatment. It has become a part of our regular activities, such as hairdressers and dentists. Waxing method remove only the surface (visible) layer of hair, and if you want your skin to always be smooth and soft, it must be regularly repeated. The recommended and optimal timing is once a month after the end of the menstrual cycle, because the additional efforts of hormones before and during cycles affect the rapid growth of body hair.