Oligo essenthia

In just 60 minutes, in a completely natural way, you will be able to get rid of your excess weight with this procedure, which is an absolute hit in the world. Get the body you always wanted without plastic surgery! Reduce the volume of your body in a completely natural way –  one treatment for one dress size!!! Immediately visible results without going “under the knife” – multi-active system that works on cellulite, obesity and relaxed skin tone simultaneously.

The so-called “body wrapping” treatment is a method of covering the lower body from waist to knees with oligo vitamin elements that improve body circulation and cellulite and volume reduction in the most critical parts of the body, which results losing 1-2 dress sizes after just one treatment. This treatment is especially recommended for persons whose body retains excess fluid, as with all types of cellulite.

Body Wrapping is a treatment designed to stimulate lymph flow which expels all the accumulated toxins by draining of excess water and breaking the fat cells which automatically results in body volume reduction, weight loss and a smaller dress size already after the first treatment is completed.

With this treatment various multivitamins and minerals such as silicon, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and oligo elements are used to work through the skin immediately and speed up the metabolism, tighten the skin and supply the cells with the necessary antioxidants.

During this treatment different lotions and serums with oligo mineral complex are massaged on the critical areas of the body (hips, abdomen, thighs etc.) After that, a professional manual lymphatic drainage is performed in order to start the process of removing the excess fluids and toxins from the body. After that an oligotone is rubbed on the skin which eventually contracts and forms a plaster which is left to act for 45 minutes.

The whole treatment takes 60 minutes and the results are visible after the first treatment is completed. During the treatment you can lose up to 2 l  of excess body liquid. It is recommended to do a series of 5-7 treatments once or twice a week.

The treatment has no contraindications.

In order to improve the effect of this treatment it should be combined with massage and cavitation.